MBA Editing Services

MBA Letter of Recommendation Editing Service

A letter of recommendation is an integral part of any application. However, a glowing recommendation can be rendered useless if the reference writes poorly or makes embarrassing grammatical mistakes. This is of particular concern if English is not the first language of the letter writer. Our professional Harvard-educated editors ensure that your letter of recommendation is polished and portrays you in the best light possible.

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Stage 1: Submit Your Essay
On the following page, you will upload your essay, and pay via PayPal for the edit. You will also have a chance to add any additional information or requests.
Stage 2: In-Depth Revision
Our experienced team of professional editors spend hours perfecting each essay, streamlining awkward phrasings, adding stylistic flourishes, and creating pristine grammar. We elevate your essay to an elite level, no matter where you begin.
Stage 3: Essay Return
In less than 48 hours, you will receive your edited essay, along with a free critique. If you prefer, you can also pay an additional fee to receive your essay within 24 hours. In either case, you can be confident that your essay is now Harvard-level prose.
Price per essay
0 - 300 words $130.95
301 - 600 words $172.95
601 - 900 words $244.95
901 - 1200 words $298.95
1201 - 1500 words $394.95
1501 - 2000 words $490.95
2001 - 2500 words $596.95
2501 - 3000 words $722.95
3001 - 4000 words $840.95
4001 - 5000 words $950.95