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Admissions officers suffer through a barrage of mediocre essays - our editors ensure that yours is one of the few they will truly enjoy. We hire only Harvard-educated editors because we do not settle for anything less than superlative writing, and neither should you.

Our experienced team of professional editors spend hours perfecting each essay, streamlining awkward phrasings, adding stylistic flourishes, and creating pristine grammar. We elevate your essay to an elite level, no matter where you begin. With HarvardSqEssays, you receive a sparkling finished product that is ready to send to your dream school.

If you are uncertain about the direction of your essay and feel you might be not even be on the right track, you would be best served by our Veritas Editing Service. Our most thorough service is characterized by two complete Elite edits, as well as the opportunity to take advantage of your editor’s expertise by asking questions during the one-week collaborative period.

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